The kits produced by the “ROSSA” company have passed the second stage of registration in Russia


ROSSA is proud to announce announces admission to the second stage of registration of PCR kits(“ROSSAmed HBV/HCV/HIV-1″,”ROSSAmed HIV-quant”, “ROSSAmed HBV-DNA-quant”, “ROSSAmed HCV-quant”, MagSorb Plasma isolation systems) on the territory of the Russian Federation. This important step marks a significant achievement in expanding the company’s presence in international markets and confirms the high quality of ROSSA products.

Registration of medical devices, in particular reagents for laboratory research, in Russia takes place in several stages and includes thorough verification, clinical trials and assessment of product compliance with international quality and safety standards. Successful completion of the first stage indicates that ROSSA reagents meet the strict requirements imposed by Russian regulators. To date, clinical trials of the products have begun.

The obtained clinical trial results reinforce the company’s reputation as a reliable manufacturer of diagnostic kits and contribute to building trust among consumers and partners.

This important achievement supports ROSSA’s strategic vision of improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as confirms Uzbekistan’s capabilities in the field of biotechnological innovations and the production of high-end medical devices.