Reagent Description

The material for PCR is RNA and DNA samples isolated from blood plasma/serum.
- highly sensitive 25 IU/ml HBV, 50 IU/ml HCV, 100 copies/ml HIV-1
- high specificity over 98%
- the kit has been tested on international panels for quality control of reagent kits "HBV DNA Evaluation Panel 01", "HCV RNA Evaluation Panel 01", "HIV RNA Evaluation Panel 01" Qnostics, Block 1 Todd Campus, West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow, G20 0XA, Scotland, UK
- no risk of false positive results due to the presence of UG and dUTP enzymes in the composition of the reagents
- low risk of cross-contamination due to fewer operations
- ease of use of sets in work
- adaptation to the main amplifiers - DT, DNA-Technology; qTOWER³ Analytik Jena; CFX96, Bio-Rad; Rotor-Gene, Qiagen, etc.
- average analysis time including extraction step: 130 minutes


  • Storage conditions : -16…-24°С
  • Expiration date : 12 mounth
  • Number of studies : 100
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Detailed description

Designed to detect the DNA of the Salmonella spp virus by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR).