ELISA kit «ROSSAmed HIV Ag/Ab»

Reagent Description

HIV infection, a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, is an anthroponotic infectious chronic disease characterized by a specific damage to the immune system, leading to its slow destruction to the formation of acquired human immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), accompanied by the development of opportunistic infections and secondary malignant tumors.
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) belongs to the Retroviridae family, genus Lentiviridae. Two types of virus have been described, HIV-1 and HIV-2. The source of infection are people infected with HIV at any stage of the disease, including during the incubation period. The incubation period for HIV infection is 2-3 weeks, but can be delayed up to 3-8 (sometimes 12) months, during which time antibodies to HIV are not detected (the so-called “seronegative window period”). The viral antigen p24 circulates in the body of an infected person even before the appearance of antibodies, its detection can reduce the "period of the seronegative window".
The early period of infection is the period of greatest infectivity, but HIV transmission can occur at all stages of infection. HIV is transmitted parenterally and through sexual contact, a vertical transmission route is possible.
- have high sensitivity;
- have high specificity;
- all basic reagents are ready: conjugate, TBM. It is only necessary to prepare a working wash solution;
- incubation time 1 hour, plus incubation with TBM 20 minutes (total time ~1.5 hours).


  • Storage conditions : +2…+8°С
  • Expiration date : 12 mounth
  • Number of studies : 96
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Detailed description

The ROSSAmed HIV Ag/Ab reagent kit is intended for the qualitative enzyme immunoassay for the determination of the p24 antigen and antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus in human serum and plasma (ELISA).