The ROSSA company was the first in Uzbekistan to develop and register the kit for the quantitative detection of TREC and KREC DNA


An innovative breakthrough in the medical and biotechnological field of Uzbekistan: the ROSSA company became the first manufacturer in the country to develop and register “ROSSAmed PID” kit for the quantitative detection of T- and B-cell receptor DNA ring structures (TREC and KREC) using the polymerase chain reaction method in real mode time.

This unique set of reagents allows you to accurately and quickly diagnose primary immunodeficiency conditions (PIDS), as well as monitor the effectiveness of therapy through the quantitative analysis of DNA circular structures specific to T and B cells.

The kit is based on advanced molecular and genetic technologies allowing quantitative analysis of TREC and KREC with high accuracy and sensitivity. The kit has been clinically tested to demonstrate functionality and reliability, making it suitable for widespread use in clinical practice.

Following the successful launch of production, reagent kits for the quantitative detection of TREC and KREC will be available in medical institutions throughout the country, significantly improving the quality and accuracy of diagnosis of immunodeficiencies. The ROSSA company is also considering the possibility of entering international markets, which will strengthen Uzbekistan’s position as a center of high-tech medical innovation.